May 2006 - Group show, Antiquarium Gallery, Omaha
August 2007 – Outsider Art Festival, Lincoln
December 2007 – Drawing Group show curated by Norman Geske, Modern Arts Midwest, Lincoln
August 2008 – Outsider Arts Festival, Lincoln
July 2009 – Group Show, Medical Center Library - University of Kansas in Kansas City, KS. 
November 2009 – Group show, Art Auction, Bemis Center For Contemporary Arts, Omaha, NE.
December 2009 – “Xanthous Mermaid Mechanics” solo art exhibit, LUX center for contemporary art, Lincoln, NE
April 2010 – “Sallow Suns” solo exhibit, Bemis underground, Omaha, NE
2013 – Nebraska Arts Council, Fred Simon Gallery, Omaha, NE
October 1, 2014 - Friday group show at Star Deli in Benson, Omaha.
November 1, 2014 - Friday show with Sara Kovanda at the Tugboat Gallery in Lincoln, Nebraska.
Spring 2015 - More Glory Days at the Sweatshop Gallery, Benson, Omaha.
2017 – "Recitals"Star Deli Gallery, Omaha, NE

Current Events: